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What are the dial-in telephone numbers?


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The tutorial covers: Conference addition, Edit, Invite Users, and calling into the conference.

Note: This video was recorded with an older version of our website. Many things have changed since this was recorded, so please use it as a guide only.


What are the dial-in telephone numbers?

Austria (AT) +43
National0720 881354
Australia (AU) +61
Toll Free1800 772 723
Brisbane(07) 3177 7866
Sydney(02) 8069 5965
Canberra(02) 6171 0824
Melbourne(03) 9008 3231
Hobart(03) 6121 4033
Darwin(08) 8919 8611
Adelaide(08) 7070 8062
Perth(08) 6365 4216
Gold Cost(07) 5610 2050
Newcastle(02) 4036 3052
Wollongong(02) 4204 8044
Belgium (BE) +32
National078 48 02 74
Brazil (BR) +55
Sao Paulo(11) 3958-8718
Canada (CA) +1
Toll Free(888) 778-6119
Toronto(647) 724-5358
Montreal(514) 667-8804
Calgary(403) 775-9947
Ottawa(613) 699-7925
Edmonton(780) 800-2368
China (CN) +86
Shared Cost400 890 0391
France (FR) +33
National09 75 18 00 00
Germany (DE) +49
Toll Free0800 7243119
Greece (GR) +30
Athens21 1198 2975
Hong Kong (HK) +852
National5808 2574
Hungary (HU) +36
Budapest(1) 700 9915
India (IN) +91
Toll Free000 800 1009 560
Ireland (IE) +353
Toll Free1800 816 002
Israel (IL) +972
Toll Free1-809-494-402
Italy (IT) +39
Rome06 9926 6844
Milan02 8987 7734
Naples081 010 0058
Turin011 1983 4266
Japan (JP) +81
Malaysia (MY) +60
National0154-877 0927
Netherlands (NL) +85
National085 888 0121
New Zealand (NZ) +64
Toll Free0800 896 206
Auckland09-951 8378
Christchurch03-288 0084
Wellington04-831 9424
Philippines (PH) +63
Toll Free1800 1 320 0012
Poland (PL) +48
Warsaw22 292 24 95
Portugal (PT) +351
National308 801 529
Singapore (SG) +65
National3163 1097
South Africa (ZA) +27
National087 550 2395
Spain (ES) +34
National901 84 80 01
Sweden (SE) +46
National010-199 24 41
Switzerland (SZ) +268
Zurich043 508 15 13
United Kingdom (GB) +44
National0330 808 0338
United States (US) +1
National / Toll Free(888) 408-9640
Toll Free for Honolulu(808) 726-2240
Other Options
iNum (World)+883 510 080 122
We Call You Call Me Now

How do I get the conferencing system to call me?

Our participant self-invite feature allows a participant to call themselves at the account owners expense.
Our service calls your direct telephone number. You as the participant do not pay for the call, you only answer the call.

To use the system click on the link from the email and enter:
Your name, Conference Room Number (if not already set), Your Telephone Number and repeat the security code.
Then click 'Call Me'.

Your phone will ring and to accept the call simply press 1 on your keypad.
Note: This only allows access for you to call up to 10 minutes before the conference start time and is disabled after the conference finishes.

How does iNum work?

iNum stands for international Number. It is a new kind of global phone number for a new kind of world -- a world with a new geography that's about local presence and global relationships, not about distance or national borders.

iNum is making use of the +883 global country code created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union).

iNums are reachable from a growing list of networks (Skype, Google Voice, Etc). Eventually iNums will be reachable from any network worldwide just as any other 'real' phone number.

Since iNum is not yet reachable from every phone network in the world, they have established local access numbers in 45 countries that can be used to reach iNum from any phone. This effectively makes iNum reachable from 45 countries for the cost of a local call, from any phone. See the list of local dial in numbers here: iNum local access numbers